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Cloud-Clout is the most reliable and impregnable cloud-powered storage system on the global market today.

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We live in a world where privacy and personal information is more exposed than ever. Threats come from the lowest class of hackers all the way up to the highest levels of government, and everywhere in between. What separates Cloud-Clout is a pioneering, bulletproof system that protects your data 24/7 from malicious threats and intrusions.


Cloud-Clout encrypts and fragments data across multiple servers all around the world, delivering 100% cloud security protection for what matters most to you. Our innovative software utilizes a redundant array of independent clouds to prevent data loss and ensure that your files are always accessible no matter what happens.


Unlike many of the industry's biggest companies, Cloud-Clout will never grant access to governmental or outside agencies. By spreading the encrypted files across a multitude of servers in different countries, no one government can access your files, and any hacker would have to hurdle near-impossible obstacles to breach our security.


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  • I don't trust cloud services, but I trust Cloud-Clout.
  • With Cloud-Clout I am not afraid that someone will steal my photos or use my personal information.
  • Cloud-Clout app is simple and reliable.

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