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Swiss banks are entrusted to store money Cloud-Clout is entrusted to store data

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Cloud-Clout is a data security layer that you can use to achieve maximum protection and privacy of your cloud-stored data.


With Cloud-Clout, you can store your data in any cloud storage without risking data privacy or unauthorized access by perpetrators or Big Brother.


Our patented algorithm allows you to store&share your data with others, while maintaining security and privacy.

Cloud-Clout does not have your personal data in the first place

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Swiss banks use high-grade encryption and sophisticated protection mechanism to secure their client’s valuables and data

To access a cell in a Swiss bank, you need a key from your manager and your personal key

Your data is secured by our patented encryption&distribution algorithm.
Cloud-cloud encrypts and distributes your data between connected cloud storages of your choice (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc.), and stores the map to the data pieces on our server. 

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Cloud-Clout is accessible and available to anyone!

Our main concern is the privacy and security of your cloud-stored data.

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