How Cloud-Clout Works

Think of Cloud-Clout as your central storage of personal data where you can save and retrieve your digital assets from anywhere in the world from any Internet enabled device.  You have the capability to access your data using any mobile device, laptop, desktop, and tablet.  We put security first when we designed our solution and this is our biggest differentiator when compared to our competitors in the industry. There is a complex process that we use to make sure that your data is protected, safe, and secure.

To protect your data from prying eyes:

First we slice up your file into smaller pieces of data, and then we run special algorithm to encrypt these smaller pieces of data to protect your information.

To ensure maximum security, we distribute these small pieces of data to different clouds located around the world to make sure that no one can access your data file.

The technology that we use to secure your files is innovative in how we combine hardware, software, Internet security, and people.

When you sign up with Cloud-Clout, you will get the peace of mind, knowing that your data is secure and private.  We are the only security system on the market that can achieve the promised level of protection. On top of that we are planning to provide 24-hour efficient support to ensure customer satisfaction. And we are dedicated in providing you with an honest, reliable, secure, and friendly service.